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Recipe: N'Ombra Signature Tartare

The secret recipe for our signature tartare. Easy, fast and yummy... Enjoy!



100g. meat (fassona piemontese)

1/2 spoon of mustard

1/2 spoon of mayonnaise

1/2 spoon of chopped Cantabrian anchovies

1/2 coffee cup of brandy

2 drops of tabasco

1 egg yolk (the yellow part)

A little of olive oil

Salt to taste


Cut the meat very tiny. In a bow mix the anchovies, mustard, mayo, tabasco, oil and salt. After mix all together with the meat. Add a touch of cognac and stir well. Put in a dish carefully in a round shape. Add the yellow of an egg on top. Et voilà!

Accompany it with a glass (or bottle) of red wine from our RED wine list.

(On the photo above we have chosen Barolo Giacomo Conterno DOC.)

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